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About me

Lost and forgotten knowledge!

My yoga path

  • Born and raised by a yogini mother

  • 3 weeks studying Yoga in the Sivananda Ashram Yogavidya in Germany

  • Training 1 year with Akash Nair in Germany: Hands-on Adjustments and pregnancy adjustments

  • 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha and Ashtanga at Rama School of Yoga in India

  • 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Mathatitu Yoga Ashram in India

Growing up with a yogini mother was not always easy!

It was hard for me to accept that my mother was a little different from my friends' mothers.

That there were huge Shiva and Laksmi cloths hanging on our walls and that she wore red all the time didn't make it any easier. But because of her, I literally started doing yoga from the first day of my life. I attended my mother's classes, sometimes just sitting on her belly while she practised her Urdva Danurasana, or clinging to her like a little monkey.

But it wasn't just asanas that my mother taught me from a young age.

She gave me an insight into ALL four of

paths of yoga.


We chanted mantras together and that's how I experienced the magic of Bhakti Yoga, being love and loving the divine love itself.


She told me tons of bedtime stories about Indian mythology and stories from the Bhavagad Gita. My dear mother made me question myself and practice self-enquiry, which is a part of Dhyana Yoga. She made me aware of the illusion - maya - around us.


Thanks to her, I learned to eat, sleep, and live like a yogi, and to take responsibility for my life. She also taught me to observe my feelings and thoughts. She sat with me in silence and gave me an insight into the path of Raja Yoga, teaching me meditation and breathing techniques - pranayama.


Karma Yoga was something my mom practiced every day in her role as a mother. Because karma yoga is not necessarily voluntary work, but it can be already the small daily activities that we perform in the context of our roles day after day, even if we - or better our ego - would rather avoid them. My mother cooked for me and took care of me and therefore showed me that it is not necessarily about the things we want to do, but which are needed. In this way I learned perseverance and discipline.


During adolescence, I completely rejected any yogic practices and lifestyle.

My interest in self-exploration remained, so I decided to study psychology.


However, the light of yoga caught up with me again. I was reminded that yoga is more than physical fitness exercises and was allowed to experience firsthand what it is like to heal yourself through yoga.


Yoga saved me!


I began to look deeper and more intensely into the lost knowledge that my mother once taught me and could not get out of my amazement and curiosity, so I made the decision to go to India for a 500hrs Teacher Training.


I have been trained 200hrs in Hatha and Ashtanga. The following My personal practice, however, is Ashtanga Vinyasa. I always try to adapt my classes to the needs of each student.

 India has made me strongly aware that I myself am and will always be a mere student. Because the knowledge of yoga is so immeasurable that it requires a lifetime of study.

Nevertheless, I carry within me a deep desire to pass on what I have learned and experienced to those who wish to learn. Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation techniques, philosophy and why all this has such magical effects on body and soul, I want to pass on as an ambassador!

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